Product Warranty

Product Warranty

warranty terms

The warranty period starts from the day the end user purchases the product。

Except for protection products, most of blondmare  licensed products in shenzhen have a two-year original factory warranty from the date of purchase.  (see the attached table on the next page for details). Within the specified warranty period from the date of purchase, if If the product is damaged or malfunctioned, it is confirmed by the company’s technicians that it has occurred under normal use. The company will provide free maintenance services。

Maintenance service

If customers find any problems with the product after purchasing blondmare products, they can directly contact blondmare customer service center。

If repair service is necessary, please bring the product and the purchase receipt to the blondmare customer service center in person, or send the defective product to the blondmare customer service center by courier/mail for inspection. If it is confirmed that the product cannot operate normally due to physical reasons, blondmare customer service The center will repair or replace the product. If the customer chooses to send or receive the product by courier/mail, the shipping fee will be borne by the user

Warranty requirements

When making a warranty claim, the customer must provide or produce:

a) Product (or affected part);

b) The original unamended and legible purchase receipt which must clearly show the name of the seller, the date of purchase, the type of product, or its serial number. If this is not provided, the company reserves the right not to provide repair services or may charge for related repairs。

c) The limited warranty does not apply to:

d) 1. This Limited Warranty does not apply to any third-party software configuration content or links, regardless of whether the third-party software configuration content or links are included in the product or downloaded to the product, and whether installed, assembled, shipped or delivered. To the extent permitted by applicable law, blondmare does not guarantee that any product will meet your requirements or that it can be used in combination with any hardware or software applications provided by third parties. blondmare also does not guarantee that the operation of the software will be uninterrupted. or no errors or defects in the software are correctable or will be corrected.

2. This limited warranty does not apply to:

a) normal wear and tear

b) Transportation costs for the product between the end user and the blondmare customer service center

c) Defects due to rough handling

d) Defects or damages caused by improper use of the product include defects or damages caused by not following blondmare warnings or instructions on the product (such as the use stated in the blondmare user manual))

e) Wrong operation such as illegal connection of power supply and the infiltration of water and dirt into the product causing damage to the product

f) Product damage due to irresistible accidents or natural disasters

g) Other actions beyond the reasonable control of blondmare

3. If blondmare reasonably judges that the product has been opened, modified or repaired or repaired by anyone other than blondmare Customer Service Center, unauthorized parts or product serial numbers, accessories, date codes or IMEI/ESN have been tampered with or are difficult for any reason This limited warranty does not apply if the。

4. If the product has been exposed to moisture or extreme temperature or environmental conditions, or has been exposed to rapid changes in the aforementioned conditions, or has been corroded and oxidized, or been sprayed by food or liquid, or affected by chemicals, the battery This limited warranty does not apply if there is a short circuit or damage。

Other Important Statements

All parts or other equipment of products which have been replaced by blondmare shall become the property of blondmare。
blondmare Customer Service Center reserves the right to charge fees if it is found that the product requiring warranty is not covered by this limited warranty。
Please be sure to make backups or keep written records of all important content and data stored in your product, because such content and data may be lost or damaged during the use, repair or replacement of the product. Store the content or data on the product to the extent permitted by applicable laws. In no event shall blondmare be liable, express or implied, for any damage or loss arising from the loss or damage。

Maintenance Policy

The warranty period of each product category is as follows. During the warranty period, new products will be replaced to customers according to the situation. Customers need to show the seller’s receipt at the time of purchase.

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