Return Policy


Once the order is confirmed, it cannot be refunded or canceled

blondmare does not accept returns.
Faulty Items can only be exchanged for the same item.

The original packaging (including the outer packaging carton) and receipt must be kept intact, otherwise the replacement will not be accepted.

Exchanges cannot be accepted in the following cases:

1.More than seven days after store purchase/courier delivery.

2.The product has been unpacked and used, or damaged due to human factors, such as: defaced, malfunctioned, damaged, worn, scratched, scratched, dirtied.

3.Slight creases on the outer packaging carton will not affect the quality of the product itself.

4.The packaging of the replacement goods is damaged and incomplete, or the receipt and accessories are not complete.

5.Malicious or massive exchanges.

6.Replacement due to personal factors.


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